Bring Balance into Your Life Through AI Technology

Tune in with your mental and physical health through our innovative AI Health&Fitness app. A science-based approach will help you balance your lifestyle and discover a better YOU!


Create a healthy and productive environment in your organization

Improve your employee's well-being and engagement, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, and decrease healthcare costs.

Make informed decisions and implement targeted interventions to improve the overall health and productivity of your team.

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Introducing the three pillars of wellbeing

Unlike other companies, Eleviate's approach is comprehensive and is focused on the following pillars: sports, mindfulness, and nutrition.

We believe that regular physical activity, mindfulness practice, and a balanced diet improve physical and mental health, reduce stress and anxiety, boost mood, improve sleep, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.



Find peace and boost your mindfulness

Be kind to your mind. Find the most inspiring and effective meditation lessons designed by world-famous coaches and spiritual guides. Relax and fall into a restful sleep with no struggle. Embrace your inner self and find a way to embrace yourself fully by practising mindfulness.

Eleviate app will assist you in:
Sleep Focus Relax Guided Meditations
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Sculpt your perfect body

Your body is a temple, but you can redesign it to your needs. Leading fitness experts cooperating with Eleviate have provided the best and the most effective workouts for every taste. The devout AI algorithms will analyse your needs, likes, and preferences to generate a personalised fitness routine that fits your busy schedule. You will discover that losing weight can be both productive and fun, not to mention energising.

Eleviate app will assist you in:
Lose weight Gain muscle Boost energy Get stronger
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Reevaluate your healthy diet

You are what you eat, and the Eleviate app is designed to assist you in discovering the best menu to suffice your lifestyle and personal preferences. Your individual goals will serve as a perfect blueprint for a dedicated nutrition plan. The flawless union of machine learning and leading nutrition experts’ recommendations is attuned to your needs located by trustworthy AI-based algorithms.

It is time to:
Lose weight Gain muscle Improve diet Discover recipes
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A solution that brings outcomes right now and for the future

Eleviate is not just a one-time investment in your life, it’s your whole lifestyle. Motivate yourself, build up new habits, and start loving yourself right now.