Healthy eating guidelines


It is time to embrace the notion of “calories” and learn how to manage them. You can create your perfect diet plan and watch the pounds drop off of your like raindrops.

From now on, cooking will become your healthy obsession rather than a tedious chore!


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Healthy eating hacks for you, just you

There is no room for a one-fits-all approach to healthy eating together with Eleviate. We will help you find the best meals and create a dieting menu based on your individual likes and preferences. Here’s what you can achieve through a personalised plan:

Lose weight Gain muscle
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Nutrition features


Share your personal stats with us. Based on your current weight, height, likes, and lifestyle, we will create a unique eating plan. No more living off carrots and chicken breasts!


Our recipes are mouth-watering and delicious, but we won’t let you overeat. A customizable dashboard will help you monitor calorie intake, so you don’t wander off the chosen path! Log your personal recipes and favourite foods to watch and track their energy value.


You may not trust our culinary skills, but you can’t discard world-famous dieticians working on the program. Only well-tasted and fitness-approved meals will come out of our meal offers. You can change your eating habits without leaving out the products you like most, all due to the app’s maximum customization and personalization.

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