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Practical Weight Loss Reward Ideas for a Successful Weight Loss Journey

The minute you decide to take on a weight loss journey, you think of dieting and restrictions. However, it’s been proven thousands of times that strict diets, though they may be effective for a short period, lead to excessive weight gain and other unhealthy relapses in the future. A healthy lifestyle is what you must stick to if you want to reach the desired weight loss success.  

One of the primary weight loss milestones would be setting smart goals and rewarding yourself for those. Yet, many people think that the most effective weight loss reward ideas are those centered around cheat meals and foods you try to eliminate from your menu. In case you don’t want to deviate from your fitness journey, you must plan a perfect reward which is anything else but food.

Why are food rewards not the best prize?

At the beginning of your weight loss journey, it may seem like a great idea to book a table at your favorite restaurant or buy that delicious dessert you enjoy once the first weight loss goal is achieved. It is okay to think this way since it is your inner child talking. However, you shouldn’t give in to such a seemingly acceptable temptation. While working on the new you, you must realize that if you keep accepting food-based weight loss reward ideas, there will come the point when you get stuck. Very often, such a food-based reward system results in eating habits that contradict all the weight loss efforts you take. That is where a list of non-food weight loss rewards comes in handy.

Why do rewards assist your weight loss goals?

It is all about your brain chemistry, and we are not exaggerating. There are three main reasons to do something in life:

  • To prevent something terrible from happening.

  • To make something good happen.

  • To get a reward for what you do.

It is useless to deny that rewards feel good and everyone likes them. Whenever you get a reward, your body produces dopamine, the hormone responsible for focus and motivation. Countless research proves that getting a few smaller rewards is best than waiting until you achieve a greater one. That is why you don’t have to blow a hole in your pocket or rob a bank when planning rewards for staying motivated throughout the weight loss journey. A new kitchen gadget or a new hiking trail will drive you forward toward your weight loss goal.

How to get the most from your non-food weight loss rewards?

The primary point to memorise is regularity if you want to reap the most of your reward system. Every week, every pound lost, or ten pounds, should result in a particular weight loss reward. You must choose a prize that makes you feel happy and triggers weight loss motivation. Otherwise, you won’t be as focused on your weight loss goal. To take things further, you can also tell your family members how successful your weight loss journey is. The more congratulation and appreciation you get from those you love, the more focused you will be to move forward.

5 Low-cost rewards for effective weight loss

A great reward for your weight loss efforts does not have to cost money. There are many free rewards you can treat yourself with. Think about a relaxing reward in the form of a bubble bath, a movie night, or a new sport to take on. Besides, you can get countless cost-effective ideas at a dollar store.

Fitness journal

Eating healthy is one of many effective ways to achieve your goal weight. However, after a long and tiresome day at work, it may be challenging to remember what you’ve eaten and how many calories to consume are left at your disposal. That is where a detailed food journal comes of great use. So, you can get yourself a fancy notebook to track your menu in. Access to such detailed information will help you reflect and attune your weight loss goals so that the effect is even more palpable.

New water bottle

You may already know that proper hydration is yet another critical weight loss milestone that your progress depends on. However, it is so easy to forget about it when you don’t have a constant reminder right in front of you. A fancy water bottle will motivate you to drink more and help track your daily hydration progress. Moreover, it is much more interesting to drink from a unique water bottle than a regular plastic flask or glass.

Music subscription

Music is one of the best motivators when it comes to exercising, but it is one factor that is easy to underestimate while working on your non-food weight loss rewards. It is already proven that listening to your favourite music during the workout session improves your endurance and focus. However, the range should be within 120-140 beats per minute. With that in mind, you can acquire a music subscription and create your individual playlist to keep you going.

Healthy cookbook

Healthy meals are essential to an effective weight loss journey, but not everyone is a natural-born chef. If you feel tired of your regular menu, it is time to spice things up a little. A new healthy cookbook is precisely what you need to consider investing in. Whether you take a vegan path or prefer a classic diet, you can browse through available literature and find the fittest options among the countless offers.

Colouring book

This reward idea may come as a surprise since it is difficult to spot the connection between your weight loss process and a colouring book. However, you shouldn’t neglect your mental health when losing weight. The truth is that a colouring book will help you cope with daily stress and unwind after a long day at work. Don’t listen to stereotypes claiming that colouring books are for kids. Besides, as you keep your hands and head busy with colouring, you won’t be tempted to go and grab another snack.

5 Weight loss reward ideas for men

Most non-food weight loss rewards aren’t gender-specific. However, there are a few reward ideas that men will surely appreciate.

Sports shoes

Whether you acquire a gym membership or start running in the morning, you must realise that your footwear is of great importance. Thus, a new pair of running shoes can be your perfect reward. It may seem like you have to invest a fortune in your new shoes since quality sports shoes cost a pretty penny. Yet, in the long run, the investment will pay off because you will rid yourself of most potential injuries that low-quality footwear can induce.

Fitness tracker

Some non-food weight loss rewards contain a prize within a prize, and a fitness tracker belongs to the category. Present-day trackers feature many effective functions that will help you succeed with your weight loss journey and pre-set goals. You can record your daily achievements to know when it is time to increase the workload and grant yourself another reward. Other useful and fun features can serve as different motivators, too.

Hire a personal trainer

There is nothing wrong with losing weight using a favourite fitness app, but as you reach a certain point, you may feel like you require professional assistance. That is where a dedicated personal trainer comes of use. An ACE-certified health coach will help you evaluate the existing routine so that you can make it even more effective. Besides, a skilled trainer will help you set new challenges to overcome so that you don’t pity yourself and push a little harder. A personal trainer is like a workout body always at your side. Not to mention, a dedicated specialist will fix all potential errors in how you approach specific exercises.

Acquire a gym membership

Whether it is another fitness magazine, YouTube video, or just a guy on the streets that inspires you to work out, you may not want to rush with a gym membership. All due to past mistakes. Some people get a membership for it to lie quietly somewhere until it expires. In case that sounds familiar, you should step back a little and make yourself a promise – if you are consistent for the next few weeks with your home workouts or running, you will reward yourself with a gym membership. Going to the gym is completely different than exercising at home. The workout gear available makes the list of possibilities almost endless.

Binge-watch your favourite TV show

Losing weight is a lengthy and tiresome process, and there is little use denying it. There comes a time when you want to get a tad lazy and do nothing for a change. If you don’t want to feel guilty about it, you can transform it into one of your non-food weight loss rewards. No need to empty your savings account to reward yourself for all the effort and achieving goals. You can spend an evening in front of your screen watching your favourite TV series or show.

5 Weight loss reward ideas for women

Non-food weight loss rewards for women are incredibly numerous. Despite your likes or preferences, you can find a few options to add to your reward list, that is for sure.

A SPA day

A relaxing SPA session can change countless things for the better. However, you don’t have to blow a hole in your pocket to have an actual SPA day. You can do it in the safety of your own home. Gather your favourite essential oils and start the routine. Take a long, relaxing bath, and scrub your body well, removing dead cells. Apply a foot mask and a face one to restore the moisture levels. You can meditate for a while and dive deep into your favourite book. As long as you enjoy these activities, everything counts as a critical component of your SPA routine.

Get a blender

As you start to lose weight, you will soon realise that a new menu should be on the list. If you are not used to drinking smoothies regularly, your kitchen appliances may lack one essential piece – a quality blender. Surely, the reward is costly, so you should set your priorities correctly. It takes one of the most significant weight loss goals to succeed with so that you can treat yourself to such a prize.

New workout outfit

When you set smart goals, sizing down in workout clothes is inevitable. That is why getting a new, cuter workout outfit may become one of your weight loss rewards. The variety to choose from is tremendous. Besides, as you put on a new outfit, you will feel more confident and motivated to continue the journey.

Sign up for a cooking class

Healthy habits are critical for successful weight loss, but not all of you are as skilled in the kitchen as elsewhere. Should you decide to improve your cooking skills with a primary emphasis on healthy food, you may want to sign up for cooking classes. The variety of directions that modern cooking classes cover ensures that every type of cuisine is well-presented.

Relaxing massage

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about massage is a profound feeling of utter relaxation, but there is more to the practice, especially if you work out regularly. When you begin your healthy lifestyle path, your muscles will be sore after each dedicated routine. Thus, you can treat yourself to a relaxing massage session once you succeed with another significant milestone. The session will help you destress and relax. Besides, the positive effect on your skin will be noticeable too.

5 Weight loss reward ideas for a friend

You may not be the only one who needs motivating weight loss rewards. If you know that any of your close friends are struggling with maintaining a healthy weight, you may want to inspire them a little.

Healthy meal service subscription

Maintaining a healthy body weight or slowly decreasing it requires a dedicated menu. In case your friend does not have a lot of time to cook right now, you can help them out a little by purchasing healthy meal service subscriptions. Many options are available now, so you can find the one that suits your friend’s taste and your budget.

Professional photoshoot

Some people are utterly reluctant to accept their own changes, no matter how obvious. If your friend has successfully lost a significant amount of weight and you feel like it is the change worth memorising, you can sign them up for a professional photo shoot. You can touch and look over photos repeatedly, so they are a constant reminder and the perfect motivator to move forward.

A manicure session

Many women decide to lose weight to look more attractive and become confident. While that is one of the most common weight loss goals, it is still one of the most challenging to achieve since there are many layers to it. Should you decide to boost your friend’s self-esteem, we suggest that you consider inviting them over for a manicure and pedicure session. You can grab a new nail polish and host the occasion at home, or invite your friend over to your favourite salon and enjoy the time spent together while your hands and feet are taken care of.

Movie night

Some weight loss rewards are undeservingly underestimated, and a simple movie night is among them. Surely, you can host a movie night at home any time you want with all the streaming services and devices available. However, what we mean is a good old movie session at the theatre with a friend. Choose a movie that both of you are eager to watch and spend some quality time together. Such a reward will help your friend unwind and recharge, making the weight loss journey easier to carry on with.

Host a party

You don’t need another reason to host a party than to celebrate your friend’s progress down the weight loss path. Host a game night or any type of party you enjoy, invite others over and have the night of your lives. You can visit a dollar store to decorate your house accordingly. It is allowed to have a few skinny cocktails and healthy snacks during the party.

5 Rewards for 30-day weight loss

Setting short-time weight loss goals is the best way to succeed in the journey. In case you have successfully trotted down the path of a healthy lifestyle, you can treat yourself to the fowling weight loss rewards.

Wellness retreat

When you lose weight at a steady pace, you will soon realise that you can do things you have used to shy away from being overweight or unfit. That is why an active vacation is one of the rewards that industry experts recommend. You can take on a hiking journey, start your surfing classes, and whatnot. If you feel overly tired and mentally exhausted, a recreational retreat is a great option to consider too. Anything that makes you happier and more relaxed counts as a quality reward.

Buy a bike

Not everyone is a natural-born runner, and hitting the gym on a regular basis can’t fit all modern schedules. If you feel that either of the mentioned issues may interfere with your weight loss journey, there is a way out. You can reward yourself with a new bike. Such a prize will help you stick to a healthy routine. Many people ride their bikes to work, and you can replicate the experience. In case it isn’t a suitable option, you can take the bike out in the morning or evening and swap a morning run for a morning bike ride.

Body analysis

Aside from all the perks of losing weight, rapid weight loss may lead to serious health issues. To ensure that you are doing everything right and that the chosen routine, despite its benefits, does not damage your organism, you can use a full-body analysis as a perfect weight loss reward. Besides, an annual body check is another healthy habit you should adopt if you want to keep reaching all set goals.

Slow cooker

Fancy kitchenware is another excellent reward option to treat yourself with after a successful 30-day weight loss journey. Modern slow cookers are designed to make your menu healthier and save up much time and effort otherwise spent on the preparation. Besides, you can control the cooker with your smartphone, so your meal is ready every time you get home. Surely, the reward is a costly one, but after 30 days of strict routine, you deserve no less.

Apple TV

At first, you may think that getting an Apple TV as a weight loss reward will decrease progress. However, there are other features to the device rather than laziness promotion. You can use the TV to stick to your home workouts and use the appliance as a part of your homemade gym studio. Obviously, a game or a movie night comes as an additional benefit.

Lose weight with Eleviate

Any routine becomes easier to adopt and bear if you have enough assistance. The Eleviate app has been designed to help those in need. Whether it is your mental state or physical health issues you are struggling with, a dedicated community and trained professionals are ready to offer a helping hand so that you can solve any matter in no time! A plethora of industry-specific guides, exercises, and other helpful materials are a significant part of the deal.  

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