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Top 19 Health and Wellness Tips to Deal with Autumn Vibes

The chances that you have had a great time during the summer are impressively high, but the seasonal change is about to knock on your door, and you should be ready when the fall blasts with full force. Let's not assume that autumn is a dreadful season, and you should bury yourself inside your cozy den until spring breaks the ice. All it takes is a fair share of tips for fall to perfect your health care routine and survive the season with the best memories and emotions despite the shorter days, raking leaves, and increasing cold, shall we?

Autumn seasonal health problems to keep an eye for

As the summer may have put some of your chronic diseases to sleep, the cold, damp aura of fall is likely to wake them up. On top of that, the season is a great friend to viral diseases. Cooler weather is known to affect your immune system negatively, making you more susceptible to all sorts of infections. Yet, if you stick to a tailored plan of how to outsmart the fall, you have nothing to worry about.

In case you wonder what the most common issues to be aware of during the autumn are, healthcare research points out the following conditions:

  • seasonal allergies;

  • seasonal colds;

  • seasonal mental health issues.

It'd be fair to call fall the cold and flu season. Top the list with outgoing conditions such as sore throat and ear infections, and you will get a complete picture of what to expect from autumn. However, it’s not gonna be that bad with a list of effective fall tips that we’ve prepared for you.

Autumn health tips

Simple fall health tips to help you “survive” the season

Practicing a healthy lifestyle is the best way to achieve complete fall wellness. To ensure healthy living when the season hits, we suggest that you consider the following pieces of advice:

  • Getting a flu shot

  • Eating vitamins

  • Improving the seasonal diet

  • Drinking cinnamon tea

  • Carrying out a cleaning session

  • Creating to-do lists

  • Transforming seasonal chores

  • Enhancing your mood

  • Protecting your lips

  • Using a sanitizer

Get your flu shot

No matter how mundane the tip may sound, a timely flu shot will keep your immune system upgraded so that you don't fall victim to flu viruses during the fall. In case you wonder when the flu season starts, the experts have it that starting in mid-October and till the season's end would cover it. Thus, your once-a-year shot should be taken before the end of October. However, it is never a waste to get it a bit earlier.

Pump yourself up with vitamins

Another important step to help yourself and your family members “survive” the season would be to increase your vitamin C and vitamin D intake. The former will boost your immune resistance to viruses and infections, while the latter will ensure that your organism absorbs calcium well. The fact is that during the colder seasons, people get less sunlight, and daylight is the ultimate source of vitamin D. You can either implement various supplements into your regime or simply increase the number of foods that contain the necessary elements.

Enrich your diet with seasonal offerings

One of the most underrated fall tips refers to a healthy diet. You may be well aware of all the rules that healthy eating embodies, but there is one thing that could have slipped past your attention. The best food during the fall would be the seasonal harvest. Thus, spicing your menu with nutritious Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and cranberries would be key to feeling good in autumn.

Integrate a cinnamon tea ceremony into the routine

According to Montefiore medical center's healthcare research, slow metabolism is one of the most common issues people face during the cold season. To help your metabolism speed up, you should pay attention to what you eat and drink during the fall. Staying hydrated and sticking to a healthy diet is great, but drinking a hot cup of cinnamon tea will bring health benefits you haven't even imagined. Aside from warming you up from the inside and busting your metabolic rates, the tea also has a soothing effect on your mind. So, if you have trouble relaxing – pour yourself one and unwind in no time!

Schedule a deep cleaning session

Usually, people tend to clean their living spaces before summer hits. While there is nothing wrong with the routine, experts suggest that cleaning your kitchen and bathroom during the fall is one of the most underrated fall tips. It's all due to the fact that you will spend more time indoors in any case, cooking healthy meals and spending quality time with the family. Such increased exposure to germs that reside within those areas can affect your immune system, not in the best way. However, if you clean those spaces regularly and have a deep clean at the beginning of autumn, you will have nothing to worry about.

Work on your to-do lists

Your mental health is as important as your physical one. Yet, as we pay increased attention to the latter, the former is often left out until it is too late. As the fall approaches, revising your tasks and routines and re-planning them is advised. If you add to your to-do list more than you can chew, you will stress yourself out, which directly affects your immunity, leading to physical illness manifestations.

There is a simple delegate-delete-to-do rule. All it takes is to write down everything you have to do and divide it between the three columns. Some tasks can be delegated to other family members, while others don't seem to matter from the seasonal perspective. Thus, you will be left with the most important things to do, which will lead to enhanced wellness and an uninterrupted sleep schedule.

Transform fall chores into fun activities

Another leading cause of distress and general dissatisfaction with your life is an utterly strict approach to chores. These don't necessarily have to be fall chores, but they are on the list too. Whether it is apple picking, leaf raking, tree trimming, or any other activity, you can always transform it into a game. Whether you are on your own or the whole family is involved, you can come up with different prizes, games, and entertaining interactions so that everyone falls in love with autumn activities.

Work on the autumn aura

A healthy fall means a healthy state of mind. That is why you should work on everything that can spike your mood and help you enjoy life to the fullest. Creating an inviting and unique atmosphere at home will take you a step closer to succeeding with the task. How does fall smell to you? Cinnamon buns and apples? Any other particular fragrance is allowed, as long as you can relate to the positive emotions that it evokes. Candles and pumpkins all over will only enhance the ambiance. Don't be afraid to redecorate your burrow just because no one else does.

Take care of your lips

It is known that your skin requires proper hydration no matter the season. However, once autumn hits and the cold wind blows, your lips will inevitably dry out and crack if you don't take proper care of them. It is easier than you think to put on a nourishing mask on your lips while enjoying a cozy evening at home. Besides, a chapstick in your purse will work miracles on your pout.

Carry a hand sanitizer everywhere you go

Despite the fact that fall is the flu season, you can't expect everyone around you to get their timely shots. That is why to eliminate some risk factors of getting down with the flu, you can carry around a store-sold or homemade hand sanitizer. All it takes is to clean your hands every time you go to a public place, and you will stay healthy for the rest of the season.

health tips for autumn

Facing September—health tips to survive the fall

According to the recent formal risk assessment, September is one of the busiest months of autumn. Kids go back to school, vacations end, and new projects begin. Besides, risk factors such as colder weather affect your physical and mental health. Here are some essential interventions to deal with the upcoming months:

  • Physical activity – a healthy body inspires a healthy mind. To keep yourself on the safe side of getting overly anxious and potentially depressed, renowned women's hospital experts suggest exercising at least three times a week.

  • Socialization – fall health is extremely fragile, especially regarding the mental component. That is why the field experts advise that you get to spend as many cozy evenings with your friends and family as possible. Besides, September is known for its magnificent weather and general ambiance.

Balance – you can spread joy and confidence only when you feel that way. That is why scheduling a few meditation sessions or practicing yoga when the fall hits is a good idea. Once you get into it, the chances are that you won't want to stop when the

Moving to October: Practical health tips for autumn

No matter how hard you’d like to avoid the autumn cold, fall prevention isn't possible unless you move to another country. Thus, if you are staying at home, you should learn how to get through the season with the best memories and feelings possible. Our care team has come up with a few secrets of survival you can benefit from. They are as follows:

  • Cut on vitamin D deficiency — as the sun gets further away, your mental and physical health will react to the deficiency. That is why October is a great month to start your vitamin D supplement injection. Even if you consume a wide variety of healthy foods, adding a capsuled variation to the menu is never a waste.

  • Improve your skincare — when you schedule your body wellness routines, you should ensure enough room for skin care. The women's hospital research proves that your skin dries out easily during October. Thus, proper hydration should be added to the list. It is time to switch to a richer moisturizer, that is for sure, but crossing UV protection off the list shouldn't be on your to-do list.

  • Plan a visit to a dentist — no matter how crazy it may sound, Halloween candy might take its toll on your teeth. That is why a regular check-up with a dentist is one of the most underrated fall tips.

Health tips to deal with November mood swings

The days are getting wetter and darker, which means your fall prevention process hasn't worked out. It is common for November to trigger various mental issues, such as irritability, depression, increased sleepiness, and a drop in mood. To ensure a healthier fall, you should be fully prepared to face the month in full armor. There are a few fall tips to memorize too:

  • Talk to a mental health expert — if you are feeling down all the time and nothing seems to interest or please you, it is time to visit a professional. With an electronic health record at hand and your seasonal confession, the expert will come up with a plethora of valuable pieces of advice to help you battle the condition.

  • Keep on planning — your autumn health depends on how well you are prepared to meet the season. That is why it is suggested that you prepare for the fall beforehand. You have to keep yourself busy to prevent occasional hibernation falls. Make sure there are enough events to attend, holidays to celebrate, and classes to take during November.

  • Practice self-compassion. When everything seems to get out of hand, as it usually does during November, you stand on the verge of hating yourself for it. However, that is the worst approach to dealing with the condition and the period. Instead, you can practice self-love and be kinder to yourself than ever. Your mental health is at stake here.

How does Eleviate help you during the fall?

We know that fall prevention is not on the list, but our team members know how to overcome all the related challenges via physical and mental activities. The Eleviate app will help you ensure that you take in enough whole grains and beta carotene to keep yourself healthy and happy throughout the fall. We will rule out all the weak falls via interesting and effective physical training routines. Besides, our participating units—community members and involved professionals—will offer a helping hand whenever you need guidance and support!

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