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25 Proven Motivation Hacks That Actually Work

Regular activities for self-growth are demanding. When you have a good night's sleep and a healthy mindset, staying motivated is easy. But waking up early on a rainy morning doesn't leave so much energy for even 10 minutes of workout or meditation. We've collected the 25 best motivation hacks to help you stay productive and achieve your goals in various life situations. 

When you don't want to get up in the morning

The first task you have to complete every morning is to wake up and start your day. When this simple action requires a huge effort, try these hacks to stay motivated. 

1 Set your favorite song as an alarm

Waking up to your favorite song will add positive vibes to your morning. If you love a calm, melodic composition, it'll help you slowly wake up to this world and smile. A loud and danceable song will immediately become an inspiration for the entire day, boosting your energy. Someone will start feeling more independent and self-confident when listening to their favorite song, while others will feel themselves "going with the flow."

Most likely, you have more than one inspiring song. Then you can change the alarm every week or even every day if it helps you be more motivated and productive throughout the day. Once you feel the drive upon getting up, play your next best song and try to keep this inspiration throughout the day. 

2 Do a quick warm-up right in the bed

Waking up isn't hard in spring or summer, as the air is filled with energy. But autumn and winter mornings mean getting out of warm blankets and running to showers. It seems that nothing can motivate you to pull that blanket off. Except for a little warm-up when you're still covered. 

Try doing 30 forward crunches, and in half a minute, you'll feel warm enough to turn the blanket down easily. This exercise will have several benefits, especially when repeated two or three times. It'll improve your mood, train your abdomen, and promote weight loss. But above all, it'll boost your energy level and motivate you to stay active.    

3 Drink a glass of water

Waking up will happen much quicker if you have a glass of water. In addition, drinking water on an empty stomach flushes toxins out and improves metabolism. Also, it makes red blood cells run faster and, thus, delivers more oxygen to your brain. This brings mental clarity and helps you stay focused. 

More oxygen in the blood stimulates serotonin release, which brings you the feeling of happiness and a meaningful life. That's how water can help you kickstart your day, keep focus, and make fewer mistakes. However, you need to drink around half a gallon a day to maintain this effect during the day.

4 Take a contrasting shower

Once you feel a bit lazy, a warm shower can sometimes make you more inactive. For example, if you go to bed late and want to sleep upon waking up, hot water can only make you want to sleep more. But what will give you more power is cool or cold water. At first, the alternating water temperature can seem too uncomfortable. 

But if you do it every day, you'll leave the bathroom fresh and energized. Regular contrast showers will enhance immunity, reduce stress, and improve skin condition. Becoming healthier and more beautiful is a pretty good perspective and motivation for using this wake-up hack. 

5 Make 20 squats 

Implementing this motivation hack can require more motivation. Still, a little training is a good idea for waking up your organism and motivating it to stay productive during the day. We offer you to do 20 squats after getting up, no matter what! Quickly waking up and building stronger legs can be your best bet. 

Since a set of squats is always better than lying in bed for another five minutes, try to complete this little task every morning. This life hack has more benefits, though. After a week or two of doing this exercise regularly, you'll also notice mental progress. You'll be more motivated to achieve set goals and be more successful in doing business.

When you don't want to work out

Training is always hard work. So it's natural that sometimes we feel like skipping a workout and look for excuses. These five hacks will help you not ignore your wishes but keep control over them and stay positive. 

6 Start doing the first exercise

When your mind resists fulfilling the whole task, try splitting it. For instance, you have a one-hour-long step aerobics class that you want to skip. Tell yourself that missing the entire training isn't good, but you also understand how tired you are. That's why you offer a win-win solution by attending only 20 minutes of the class. 

You may not agree even for 30 minutes of training, but 20 minutes already sounds okay as it will be easy. But when you start and get involved in the process, it'll be a pity to stop in the middle, right? Moreover, you'll probably get interested and won't want to leave. This trick may not work each time, but sometimes you can give it a try.  

7 Imagine how you'll feel after this training  

Training is hard, but everyone likes how they feel after it. You feel like you've achieved the next milestone. Also, exercising makes you happier, more satisfied with your body, more self-confident, and more relaxed. If you go to a fitness center, you probably love to take an after-training shower too. So picture these things in your mind for motivation.

Or if you love the moment of leaving the gym and driving home, think of it. See how you listen to music or a podcast, arrive home, cook a light dinner, and enjoy it. If you train at home, you can enjoy a rewarding smoothie or cup of tea with your favorite biscuit. But without training, there is nothing to get rewarded for. 

8 Train at home through an app

If you usually go to the gym but decide to skip it today, try working out at home. Your training can be much shorter or simpler; it's just critical to have it. You can create a "Plan B" for such days and craft a training sequence in advance. Or select the video version of your favorite workout and enjoy doing it with a popular instructor. 

The Eleviate app, for instance, has a variety of training programs with top trainers and rewards. So you can choose several workouts and alternate them depending on your mood and energy level. This way, you'll diversify your training routine and embrace as many programs as possible without spending a fortune. 

9 Describe your emotions in the diary and make 10x3 burpees

Some days are tough, and sometimes you can have no energy even to eat and take a shower, let alone train. The motivation lifehack for this case will be the following. First, you'll need to add your thoughts to a diary. If such downs happen frequently, you'd better keep a training diary in a paper or digital format.

Eleviate's self-reflection journal is an excellent tool for this. Tracking your thoughts will help you understand the reasons why you want to skip a workout. Maybe this happens during the reporting period or when your kids get sick. Or you feel weak after a bad night's sleep or when you have issues at work. Knowing the causes will help make your training regular and, thus, effective. 

The second part of this hack is to make three sets of 10 burpees each since you're missing a good workout!

10 Get some motivation from communities

Changing your habits is always harder when you do it on your own. So why not secure your alternative lifestyle with support from people doing the same? When you go to a local gym or dance class, it usually has a community. Some groups will even have separate chats, so the participants can communicate and share their thoughts. 

So don't miss the opportunity to join the local community to get some support when you need it and give it to others. Next time you lack the motivation to go to the dance class, your group mates will probably find the words to help you. 

When you want to eat some fast food

Eating is an essential part of your life, so chances are that you belong to people trying to eat healthy food. But, for example, when you have fun with friends and your day is full of positive emotions, following a weight-loss diet happens naturally. Once you've had a hard and long day at work, it's easy to lose inspiration and eat a cheeseburger with French fries and cola — here and now. 

When such thoughts happen to come to your mind, try one of these motivation hacks. 

11 Look at your best picture

If you want to get motivated to switch to healthy food, remind yourself how you want to look at the end of this transformation. For this, you'll only need to choose the picture where you look splendid. Also, you can write yourself a couple of motivational phrases that will also help you stick to new eating principles. 

Keep the photo on your smartphone, on your kitchen table, and fridge — wherever you may want to eat some tasty junk food. It'll remind you that each step away from your commitments will take you further from your end goal. You'll think of all the efforts that helped you become that beautiful person in the picture. Hopefully, then the right choice will come easier.

12 Read an article on how junk food affects our health

Each time you want to break the rules just once, search the web for an article or video describing the negative impact of fast food. Remind yourself that such a meal contains no vitamins, fiber, or minerals. Instead, it's rich in saturated and trans fats, salt, and sugar, which make it so tasty and wanted. However, eating some high-calorie and low-nutrition-value fast food is also attractive because you get it quickly.  

In contrast, it takes at least 10 minutes to cook a vegetable salad with chicken filet and whole grain toast. But remember that this food won't jeopardize your blood pressure, sugar level, BMI, immunity, memory, digestive system, heart, and mental health. Among the long-term effects of regular consumption of junk food are anxiety and depression. So push back the idea of having a burger with cola. 

13 Remember your morning weight

Reminding yourself of your weight can be demotivating, especially if you're just starting your weight-loss journey. Nonetheless, it takes you straight to the point. If you have extra pounds, it's vital to stay away from fast food no matter how hungry or tired you are. But sometimes your friend or a family member asks you to break your diet only once.

Saying "no" seems nearly impossible as they think that one junk-food evening won't do any harm. But you know it'll throw you back to the moment you only started a healthy diet. Remember that others will never know how much it costs to change your habits. So cherish your progress and find the intrinsic motivation to keep going your way. Be ready to say "no," not only to yourself! 

14 Imagine how you’ll look in a year with unhealthy eating habits 

When you feel that reading about the harm of junk food doesn't help, imagination can still increase motivation. Suppose you join fast food lovers now. Use a mental picture to see yourself after a year of eating anything you like. Do your eyes shine? Do you feel beautiful and healthy? How many extra pounds do you have?

Check which health issues you may have and how unhealthy eating patterns will affect your personal and social life. You’ll probably buy the next size of jeans, and your ring will be too tight. Your skin will lose its glow, your face will probably swell, and you know the main negative changes will happen inside your organism. Now refusing a junk food meal should be easier. 

15 Have that pizza

Sometimes you can allow yourself to eat that food. For instance, you started a healthy diet more than six weeks ago, and every day, you thought about having a cheeseburger with a sugary drink. If so, think of this snack as a kind of reward. At this stage, one step away from healthy eating patterns won't affect your progress and self-confidence.

Now you're strong enough to stay motivated and stop after one meal. Consider it an experiment and indulge yourself with a pizza or ice cream but focus on what you feel after eating. Are you energized and ready to get down to business and take over the world? Or would you rather have some sleep and accomplish that new goal later? You'll most likely feel less activated after eating "routine" salad or fruits. 

When you feel sad on a day off

We count working days and have lots of excitement when Friday finally comes. But often, when our weekend has no pre-set activities, we can feel lost and sad. At these moments, you need to motivate yourself and return to a positive or, at least, neutral mindset. Below are some ways to do it. 

16 Call an optimistic friend

Friends often support and motivate each other. So when you lack inspiration and feel frustrated, call or, better, meet your friend. Of course, you shouldn't create the atmosphere of a session with a psychologist and load your friend with problems. Talk for a while, sharing your worries and asking for advice. 

But it'd be better to forget your troubles and try to have fun together. You can watch your favorite comedy or cook a fantastic dinner together. Or create a party and invite other friends or exercise together. Also, you can come and help your friend with an important task, and this will be your perfect motivation! 

17 Go for a walk

Nature can take our worries and frustration away. So once you feel sad, don't look for excuses and go for a walk. Fresh air, sunlight, and physical activity will help you overcome negative emotions and anxiety. Walking for at least half an hour will improve your cardiovascular system, enrich your brain with oxygen, and load your legs. 

Such a walk will improve your mood, clear your mind, improve your ability to concentrate, and help you look at problems from a different perspective. Moreover, it'll strengthen your legs, support your joints, and promote burning calories. Walking is one of the universal motivation hacks, as it always helps.

18 Accept this emotion 

Feelings and emotions influence our lives and often dictate our actions. Sometimes you can balance them with breathing practice and physical activity. But if sadness chases you for days, it may affect your mood and sense of humor. Your work performance and personal progress may suffer too. In this case, you'd better not ignore this feeling but rather accept it. 

The first thing you need to understand is that sadness isn't depression. It's okay to feel sad sometimes, and it's not here to stay. You can find effective practices that help you deal with sadness. For instance, draw or write what you feel. Or imagine which part of your body it lives in and free it. Once you want to cry, don't stop yourself. 

19 Eat a piece of dark chocolate 

Dark chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonin, known as happiness hormones. Moreover, this product contains anandamide — a neurotransmitter called "bless molecule" as it evokes a sense of happiness. So dark chocolate can improve your mood and help you say goodbye to sadness. 

In addition, this chocolate boosts your reaction, attention, memory, and ability to solve problems. Dark chocolate also contains antioxidants that have an anti-aging effect. So eating a bit of dark chocolate now and then is a motivation hack that can make you wiser, younger, and happier!

20 Go running, dancing, or swimming

When negative thoughts and emotions come over you, the physical activity you enjoy can push them out. So if you like running, wear your running shoes and go to the nearest park or stadium. Once you love dancing, visit the class today, no matter how busy your schedule is. Swimming is another perfect way to manage frustration and boost your mood.

The secret of these activities is that they give aerobic exercise but don't look like formal workouts. You needn't set a certain goal while dancing, for instance. So this motivation hack is about having fun while exercising, and it actually works with every negative feeling. The only condition is to be active. 

When you're exhausted but have things to do 

When you feel tired in the middle of the day but can't have some rest yet, it can be challenging to focus on the pending tasks. Still, we offer to reward yourself with a brief pause and increase motivation with one of the tips below. 

21 Scroll for 10 minutes 

We all know mindful people who try to live healthily should decrease their screening time. Still, this "inactivity" is so engaging that most of us can't resist checking social media. For some reason, scrolling feels like having rest, but we often feel more mentally exhausted after an hour of looking through posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. 

But when you need to distract from current emotions, allow yourself to spend 10 minutes of your precious time scrolling. Read the news and rumors about your friends and celebrities and check the contextual ads. This will reload your mind and help to find the energy to finish your task. 

22 Talk to yourself

During the most challenging moments in life, we usually have to find words to support ourselves. So use self-talk now. Treat yourself like an upset kid you want to help and encourage. But this time, you'll have to play both roles. Start with admitting that you're overloaded with tasks and that you want and need to have some rest. Acceptance is the first step to changing the situation. 

Then you need to convince yourself that this situation is temporary and you can go through it. Athletes also use the technique of repeating motivational affirmations when they have to work at their maximum capacity. The research proves this approach is successful, so why not add it to your motivation hacks? 

23 Have a cup of strong black tea 

Since black tea is caffeinated, it can power you during the day. So when you feel sluggish, this tea gives you an energizing effect. But what about coffee? Coffee contains twice as much caffeine as black tea. So its impact is boosting, but soon you feel sleepy again. After having a cup of black tea, your energy level reaches nearly the same mark as after drinking coffee. 

However, the effect grows more slowly and lasts longer. So recharging yourself with a cup of black tea with sugar, lemon, milk, or on its own is a good plan. Moreover, black tea also boasts several health benefits. It fights against inflammation, reduces swelling, and relieves pain. 

24 Do breathing exercises

Breathing practice has plenty of positive effects on your physical and mental state. So when fatigue and burnout happen to you, try to breathe them out. It'll only take several minutes to complete the exercise, but it will bring relief. So ensure that you sit in a quiet place and nobody will interrupt you for a maximum of 10 minutes. 

Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Or sit in a quarter lotus pose on a yoga mat. Close your eyes and start breathing with your belly, moving it forward and backward while your chest stays still. Extend your breathing cycle and focus on how the air goes in and out. After three minutes, imagine how a flow of energy washes away your tiredness, filling you with energy and motivation. 

25 Have some sleep

This hack is apparent, but when other ways of fighting against tiredness fail, and you have at least 10 minutes, try sleeping. By this, you'll give your organism precisely what it wants instead of offering various substitutes like energizing drinks, stimulating food, physical activity, or affirmations. 

Some experiments showed that the positive effects appear already after six minutes of sleep. A short nap will help you overcome the afternoon breakdown, increasing your endurance, tolerance, and positivity. It'll also boost your motivation to finish everything planned. However, if you don't sleep enough at night, this hack may not work, as your organism may need more time for such a "quick fix."

Get motivation for every day with Eleviate

We can't do without motivation when we try to wake up on a rainy morning, finish what we've started, or improve our mood on a lonely day. But self-motivation is critical for regular activities like changing your food habits or sticking to the training plan. The 25 hacks above will help you cope with the most common situations when you lack motivation. 

But we'd love to offer you even more! Sign up for the Eleviate application, register for your favorite workout or meditation program, and start earning. You'll receive Theracoins for every training you complete. If you don't skip classes, you get additional coins every week. Each program you finish without missing classes will bring even more additional coins.

With Theracoins, subscribers can unlock exclusive workout and mediation programs. So take advantage of a chance to earn while training with top-notch instructors! 

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