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30-Day Self-Care Challenge: Let the Wellness Month Begin!

It seems impossible to feel good on a daily basis. However, it does not mean that taking care of yourself won't help you deal with all the stress, anxiety, and other negative feelings that life throws at you. All it takes is an extra hour a day to dedicate to yourself to boost your energy level, improve your confidence and make the world around you seem like a better place. There is a simple practice that we will discuss today. Most sources refer to it as a 30-day self-care challenge. The core of the practice lies in the fact that you do one thing for yourself daily. This approach will help you de-stress and become happier and healthier, both body-wise and mind-wise.

Why should you try a self-care challenge?

Some people underestimate the power of a 30-day self-care challenge since they don't realise how many health benefits it has. With the hectic life that most of us lead, it may seem impossible to implement yet another routine in your busy schedule. However, what you may not understand is that if you don't take a pause, reflect and recharge—you will burn out. Getting back to everyday life from the edge is a lot more challenging than spending a few minutes a day taking care of yourself. Keep in mind that you shouldn't feel guilty that you spend those thirty minutes doing something that makes you happy. The happier you feel, the happier people around you will become since positivity spreads like nothing else.

The best 30-day self-care challenge ideas

Every new activity should start with a to-do list, and the 30-day self-care challenge isn't an exception. While you can initiate the practice any time you feel like it, you don't have to wait until the 1st of the upcoming month. It helps to create a list of things to do during your one-on-one time. A quick note – at times, the self-care task may involve other people, those you love and care for, and that is okay.

If the notion of regular self-care activities is new to you, you may need a slight push in the right direction. The Eleviate team has gathered great ideas for self-care endeavours for you to stay on track and motivated. Are you ready to take on a new adventure? Let the wellness trip begin!

  • Day 1 – improve hydration

  • Day 2 – create a healthy menu

  • Day 3 – practice yoga

  • Day 4 – practice gratefulness

  • Day 5 – work on your sleep

  • Day 6 – set a fitness goal

  • Day 7 – enhance your morning routine

  • Day 8 – be kind

  • Day 9 – drink tea

  • Day 10 – try something new

  • Day 11 – declutter

  • Day 12 – prepare a new meal

  • Day 13 – read something

  • Day 14 – care for others

  • Day 15 – get a massage

  • Day 16 – practice a social media detox

  • Day 17 – listen to a ted talk

  • Day 18 – get some fresh air

  • Day 19 – plan a date night

  • Day 20 – go for a long walk

  • Day 21 – grow something

  • Day 22 – book a salon visit

  • Day 23 – buy flowers

  • Day 24 – write a related post

  • Day 25 – go low on added sugar

  • Day 26 – take a bath

  • Day 27 – bedtime routine

  • Day 28 – do some dancing

  • Day 29 – work on the stressors

  • Day 30 – self-love affirmations

Day 1 – improve hydration

Hydration is one of the critical pillars of a healthy life that many people tend to neglect. So, it wouldn't be a bad habit to learn to drink as much water as your body needs. The simplest way to do so is to find that perfect source of hydration. Some of you may prefer lemon water to herbal tea and vice versa. Others will find that sparkling water is best. Figure out the best option that covers your requirements and cross Day 1 off your self-improvement challenge list.

Day 2 – create a healthy menu

This may sound cliché, but all you need is to stick to a healthy diet for just a day. Challenge yourself to find a new healthy recipe and compare the effects on your body after a healthy meal with that of binge-eating pizza.

Day 3 – practice yoga

Yoga is a great tool to unwind and focus on your mind. Even if you haven't tried it even once in your life, a single session will help you reduce stress and put your thoughts in order. That is all you need for day 3. There is a high chance that you will enjoy the feeling, though.

Day 4 – practice gratefulness

It is encoded in human nature to let some good things go unnoticed until they come to an end. That is why one part of your 30-day self-care challenge should include a gratefulness practice. You may not need to start a full gratitude journal. As many as 3 things to be grateful for would be enough. There is not a chance that there is absolutely nothing you value and care for. Whether it is your kids, family, a roof over your head, meal on your table – everything counts as long as you are genuinely grateful for it. The overwhelming feeling of happiness washing over you afterward will pleasantly surprise you.

Day 5 – work on your sleep

You may have to plan your day ahead to deal with this particular task in the  30-day self-care challenge, but it will be worth it. Simply go to bed an hour earlier or sleep in an hour later. You will be surprised how great an effect a healthy sleep pattern will have on your mental health and energy levels. Who said that challenges couldn't be pleasant?

Day 6 – set a fitness goal

You may be in excellent shape and do not need to lose or gain extra pounds. However, that does not mean you can't create a fitness goal. Think about it—have you ever wanted to do splits or run a marathon? Today is the day to get a step closer to your dream. 15 minutes of split stretching or a slow run in the park will improve your self-esteem and show you that there is hardly anything you can't do.

Day 7 – morning routine

Mornings can be highly chaotic, with lots to do and not enough time to deal with everything. However, a happy morning routine can change the course of your life. Whether you drink lemon water after you wake up, have a cup of coffee in solitude, or go for a morning run, these are only a few ideas to help you shape a productive and happy day. The morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Keep that in mind.

Day 8 – be kind

With all your personal issues and problems, it is too easy to forget that some people have it even worse. That is why, as a part of your 30-day self-care challenge routine, you can practise a random act of kindness. You don't have to plan it. Pay for an elderly at the store, buy a homeless person a cup of hot tea or a sandwich, pick up trash for your neighbours, etc. No matter how small the deed seems from your perspective, it will make someone's day, and the thought of it will keep you motivated throughout the day.

Day 9 – drink tea

You may be a complete coffee person, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, there should be room for changes in your life. Thus, swapping a regular cup of coffee for a cup of green tea may be a good starting point. Besides, green tea is no less energising than coffee, if not more. Just saying.

Day 10 – try something new

It is not easy to get out of your comfort zone. We know that. However, this practice is all about challenging yourself, isn't it? So, why not try a new makeup routine, go for a fresh cut or simply take a new route to work? The pool of possibilities is immense, and the sense of accomplishment afterward will pleasantly surprise you.

Day 11 – declutter

It is incredible how many unused things surround us in our homes. These may be old clothes, shoes, figurines, and whatnot. All of those elements tend to weigh you down, and the sooner you clear out your space, the sooner new things will pour into your life. You don't have to spend an entire day deciding which objects to get rid of. All it takes is 10 items. A giveaway is always a good option if you don't feel like throwing them out. Chances are that some other people may need those items more.

Day 12 – prepare a new meal

As tiresome as meal planning can be, at times, eating the same dinner may be one of those things that get on your nerves and ruin your day. Ask a family member what recipe they would like to try out and go for it. Even if the venture fails, take-out is always an option, and you can cross the challenge off your list.

Day 13 – read something

When was the last time you enjoyed your favourite book? The road to self-improvement is paved with books, even if some people tend to underestimate books' value. Find a cosy and quiet spot, bring your favourite book, and dive into the world of the written word. The activity will give you that necessary break that your mind has been waiting for, and the aftermath will be a more relaxed and calmer you.

Day 14 – care for others

There are so many people you care for and so little time you can devote to them. Isn't that the truth? One of the parts of your 30-day self-care challenge can be interacting with an old friend. Write them a message, send flowers or a small gift – just to remind them that you love them and care for them.

Day 15 – get a massage

Your body aches for relaxation just as much as your mind does. Thus, a massage session should be one of the points on your to-do list. In case you can't afford a professional session, you can always ask your loved ones to give you a shoulder massage or use a manual massager on your own.

Day 16 – practice social media detox

Did you know that most people spend the least two hours a day browsing through social media apps? The era of technological breakthroughs and digital devices has its toll on our lives. However, what if you spend a day without your social media accounts? You would have 2 extra hours to dedicate to yourself or your loved ones and do anything that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Surely, it is a challenge since social media is a form of addiction, but that is what the practice is for, isn't it?

Day 17 – listen to a TED Talk

There is no end to self-improvement, which is a great thing to realise. There are about a million things that inspire you, and you should devote some time to enjoying those things. So, cut on your screen time today and listen to that TED Talk or podcast you have been thinking about for a while. Loads of inspiration will present themselves in the form you need the most.

Day 18 – get some fresh air

When you hear about getting some fresh air, you immediately imagine yourself going for a walk. While that is one of the excellent self-care challenge ideas to write down on your list, we have something else in mind. When was the last time you aired your house out? It's probably been a while. Thus, your air quality leaves much to be desired. You can change the sheets and bring in new plants to enhance that crispy-clean and fresh ambience. It goes without saying that your mood will lighten up in no time.

Day 19 – go on a date night

Your best life is one filled with people you care for and some fun activities. Ask your partner or friend out. Go to a new place you've heard is great and taste the delicious cuisine they offer, or spend some time rocking the dance floor and unwinding.

Day 20 – go for a long walk

15-minute walks are great, but at times you may need something more. That is why a long leisurely walk should be a part of your 30-day self-care challenge. Being alone with nature can be incredibly energising and inspiring.

Day 21 – grow something

Among all the wonderful ideas to challenge yourself with something comes an idea to take care of a new plant or herb garden. Can you imagine making herbal tea from your own, hand-picked herbs? How fun is that? If that does not feel like you, buying a new plant and growing it out is fine too.

Day 22 – book a salon visit

This may not sound like a regular 30-day self-care challenge option, but since it will boost your confidence and self-awareness, it counts. Go to a salon for a new cut, manicure, or pedicure, even if you don't usually do such things. Should you fit under the latter category, the challenge will be twice as difficult to complete.

Day 23 – buy flowers

You don't have to wait for a special occasion to knock on your door to treat yourself to a gorgeous bouquet. Passing by a flower shop? Stop and buy some lovely flowers. Place them somewhere you often visit and enjoy their beauty. You will be amazed how much your mood will improve.

Day 24 – write a related post

Some sources advise that you start a related post describing your best memories and feelings. Let the pages absorb your emotions. You can even write a love letter that you will never send. Even if you are not a writer, it helps to imagine yourself as one every now and then. It’s almost like going to the therapist without leaving your house.

Day 25 – go low on added sugar

Whether you eat breakfast or proceed to your lunch and dinner, there are countless meals and beverages that are high in added sugars. Added sugars are where weight gain and chronic diseases come from. Going one day without added sugar will show you how easy it is to skip it and improve your overall life quality, body image, and general well-being.

Day 26 – take a bath

A good old shower is excellent when you are in a hurry, but a full-scale bubble bath is the source of enhanced relaxation and de-stressing. You can treat yourself with a quality face mask, some candles, a glass of wine, and your favourite music. Taking a bath before bedtime will improve your mood and help you sleep like a baby.

Day 27 – bedtime routine

If you think that getting enough sleep is the only factor of a good bedtime routine – you are slightly mistaken. Your future self will thank you if you work on improving not just your quantity of sleep but also your quality of sleep in this 30-day self-care challenge. Leave all your devices outside the bedroom, bring in an exciting book, make a cup of camomile tea and plug the aroma lamp in – this is just one routine you can try, but you can customise it to your liking.

Day 28 – have a dance party

Usually, we leave the simplest things out when it comes to counting the activities that make us happy. Dancing is precisely the self-care activity that you should introduce to your challenge list. Just take a 10-minute break and dance it off to your favourite tunes. There is nothing wrong with getting a little silly from time to time.

Day 29 – work on your stressors

You are almost done with your 30-day self-care challenge, so it is high time to sit back and reflect a little. It may not be the most exciting of all activities, but it is necessary. So, you should identify and write down everything that stresses you out and keeps you up at night. Once you know your enemy, it will be twice as easy to beat it.

Day 30 – self-love affirmations

People around you will accept you if you accept yourself, which is not just another popular trend. It is the truth. If you believe that you are beautiful, strong, confident, fun to be around, loving, and so on – others will believe it too. So, all it takes is just 3 affirmations to say to yourself in front of the mirror to start your road to self-love and acceptance.

Bonus: self-care tips after 30 days 

Now when you are through with your self-care challenge, you can evaluate all the effects it's had on your physical and mental health. Of course, you may wonder what's next. Some people choose to extend the challenge, depending on their needs and preferences. What the Eleviate team would advise is to adopt the following practices after you complete the challenge:

  • Drink more water

  • Improve your skincare routine

  • Exercise on a regular basis

  • Practice meditation

  • Improve your diet

  • Start loving yourself

All self-care rules in Eleviate App

You may want to start your 30-day challenge today, tomorrow, or next week – whenever you are ready. However, no matter when you start the journey, you can count on the Eleviate team to be on your side throughout the adventure. All the best exercises, meal plans, meditation advice, and professional support are right at your fingertips. Join our happy and fulfilled community today and watch life take a turn for the better!

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