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How was
the idea born?

My name is Vasyl Polych. I am the founder and CEO of Northell. During COVID-19, people in my company were suffering from anxiety, depression, and isolation. They incentivized me to create a solution that could help enhance their well-being and productivity at work.


Mental illness is a global problem. More than 792 million people worldwide suffer from depression. These alarming figures reflect the wider prevalence of mental ill-health more generally. It is estimated that mental health conditions will affect a staggering one in four people at some time in their lives.


Even before COVID-19,
the prevalence of mental illness among adults was increasing


All these problems triggered us to investigate the impacts and develop appropriate digital solution accessible to everyone worldwide. For this purpose, we have started our communication with coaches and trainers around the world.

Julia - from Bali

Julia is a certified specialist who helps people practice mindfulness via meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy. Eight years ago, she moved from Ukraine to Bali to inspire people to find happiness and self-love.


Fatima - from Dubai

A significant part of Fatima’s life has been devoted to traveling and discovering the world. As a result, she has a diverse background with exposure to different cultures. All this motivated her to become a life coach to assist people struggling with their fears and achieve their personal goals.

Jason - from US

Jason is a health and fitness coach/life coach with 15 years of experience. His coaching philosophy is based on transforming the mindset and body. Jason believes that the body fuels the mind and vice versa.


Network of
powerful vibes

We’ve traveled a lot and discovered multicultural experiences from people who currently contribute to their local environments. And now it’s time to connect the dots around the globe!


We created Theraheal: an app to unlock a positive mindset and enhance a healthy body with the mutual contribution of people around the world.

Our app connects those who can teach, heal, and inspire with those looking for professional guidance and support easily, at any time, and everywhere.


Start your menthal health journey with us

Assessment test

Take a free test for mental health self-assessment.

AI-powered treatment plan suitable to your goal and lifestyle

Benefit from a personalized workout plan.


Dashboard with podcasts and workouts

All-in-one dashboard to provide a seamless experience.

Mental health journal

Journal your feelings and thoughts to gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health.


Mood tracker

Record your moods throughout the day to find your life patterns and identify bad mood triggers

Hundreds of clear-cut exercises

Unlimited access to workouts to stop negative thoughts and increase your dopamine levels


Customized meditation podcasts from the world’s best coaches

Medications to find inner peace and reduce stress


How we
are different



User-generated content ecomomics


One place where you
can meditate and exercise.


Creating the global community
of world’s best authors and trainers.

Case study from
E-Learning industry

The idea of Theraheal was inspired by Udemy. With help of user-generared content there are 183000 courses and 40 million students on the platform.


Stage #1

User-Generated podcasts, meditations and workouts

Stage #2

B2B branch - Theraheal as
a solution for organizations

Stage #3

Appointments and therapy sessions with certified specialists. We will bring thousands of therapistson our platform

Stage #4

Prescription and delivery of medicine, Theraheal as #1 online health and wellness clinic

Our growth


global market

global market

Stage #1
Pricing and revenue



Founder and CEO at Northell: a UI/UX design and web development agency. Northell has been recognized as #4 Product Design Agency in Ukraine with 500% growth over the past year.

Lubo Miller
Tech Lead

Bringing the gap between ideas and reality through innovative mobile solutions. Ihor has been leading mobile apps with total of 8M users for past 5 years - Fishka, Nova Poshta, Epicentr.

Tanya Bahrynovska

Tanya has been successfully managing content strategy for fast-growing teams for last 8 years. Editorial mindset helps her produce excellent content stuff and establish successful collaboration with relevant members to optimize content marketing strategies.

Julia Tsukurova
Lead designer

Experienced UI/UX designer with a strong background in web and applications. Focused on making complex solutions into simple and accessible to everyone. At Theraheal, Julia works on digital areas - app, website and social media.

Nadia Shyriy

Nadia is a therapist and psychologist from Ukraine with 10+ years of experience.
In her practice, Nadia uses models of cognitive-behavioral therapy, which has a clinically proven effectiveness. She helps people work with false life beliefs, withstand anxiety, reveal inner potential, learn to accept themselves.

Nazar Ivanchuk

Nazar is a well-known trainer in Ukraine and he already changed the body of 4000+ people with his individualized approach to training and dieting.

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It turns out that anxiety and depression are the two most common mental disorders affecting lost productivity and cost the global economy $1 trillion per year! By 2030, the cost is projected to rise to $6 trillion.

In general, mental illness is a global problem. More than 792 million people worldwide suffer from various disorders. And this number is growing constantly every year.

Most typical problems are: depression (3,4%), anxiety (3,8%), bipolar (0,6%) and eating (0,2%) disorders. After the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve got a significant growth (30.1%) of mental disorders.

We’re on the mission to create the solution that will drive a positive change and impact on a global level.

At the same time, one of the main principles our team follows is consistency.

First, we are launching a B2C solution for the users. We’ve already got a bunch of positive responses during the alpha testing stage.

We expect to grow our users database up to 20,000 by the end of the year. Also, we expect hundreds of trainers to join our platform and contribute to a healthier and happier world.

Next, we’ve got Theraheal for business - we will launch on the MENA market.

And the most exciting thing is that even the governments now are paying attention to this problem and trying to address it. We’re now in Dubai, and UAE is the first nation in the world to introduce a national working week shorter than the global five-day week. They intend to overcome the global health crisis, thus, driving overall business success.

At the next stage, we will bring thousands of therapists on our platform to enhance appointments and therapy sessions with certified specialists.

Finally, our solution will become a global mental health clinic with prescription and delivery of medicine. Theraheal will become a place where you could get the support from worlds best therapist, trainers, coaches and replicate your offline treatment into the exciting digital journey to a better tomorrow : )

We’re Udemy of mental health. We’re creating a global community of world’s best authors and trainers, therapists in one place.

If you’re a good trainer, then:
You do not need to search platforms where you have to meet requirements for submitting. Everything you need to do:
- Love what you are good at
- To be willing to share your experience with people who really need it
- Start enjoying your reliable income.

If you’re a user, then you:
Get a comprehensive individualized program tailored to your special needs.

If you’re a company, you could:
Create a resilient workspace in your company by delivering personalized mental healthcare for employees’ better engagement.

We will combine paid acquisition via Facebook and Instagram for the users along with a referral program for authors (in case they bring users to Theraheal they will get a higher monthly retention).

Finally, we will launch a B2B sales campaign targeting organizations.

Our pricing model is based on the market analysis. There’s a free account with a limited functionality and premium one for $12.99/mo. We’ve got monthly, seasoned and yearly subscription options.

For trainers, it’s completely free to join our app. Once they upload the workout programs, Theraheal will provide the detailed statistics on the number of reviews and calculate the monthly retention price to the content-creators.

An estimated Cost Per Install (CPI) for the users is around $0,8-$1.
We expect 5% active users rate and 30% churn rate.
The estimated organic growth rate is 25%-50%.

The very detailed matching algorithm is the core of our application. It was created in our cooperation with programmers, therapists and trainers.

Let’s say, after the assessment we can see the user is suffering from insomnia. It means our algorithm will create a 6-month plan which includes meditations and workouts for a better sleep.

Vasyl is a sole founder of Theraheal.

“My intention is to bring the best experts from the industry to deliver a higher value and impact and enhance the following values within our organization:
our work is driven by passion to make the world happier and healthier;
we are transparent and honest;
we are proactive;
our team consists of people from various cultures with different opinions but with similar mindset.”

Our CTO managed the development process of apps which are being used by millions of users. Our head of marketing developed the strategy for the similar product called. Our lead designer is a yoga coach in Bali.

Vasyl is a 100% shareholder and he self-funded the app development. Now we are looking to drive the market expansion and targeting $250,000 - $500,000

- to grow the user database;
- to acquire thousands of trainers and coaches;
- to launch a B2B solution;
- to continuously improve add more value to the product

Thank you for your
interest in Theraheal!

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