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25 Healthy No-Cook Breakfast Ideas

We appreciate no-cook breakfasts as they allow us to sleep longer, give extra time for meditation, and let us enjoy refreshing meals on hot summer mornings. This article shares 25 cool breakfast recipes that are healthy and delicious. They'll help you kick start a productive day, enriching your organism with vitamins.

Do no-cook breakfasts really require no cooking at all?

Let's be honest: when we take any breakfast cooking out of the morning routine, we often eat pre-packaged food or meals prepared the previous evening. Ready-to-eat food can be less delicious and more expensive than food cooked in advance. So some meals on our list will require washing, mixing, pouring, adding, spreading, or wrapping. 

Also, some of the no-cook breakfast recipes below assume that you'll use devices. No, you won't have to heat your kitchen using ovens, multicookers, or frying pans in the morning. But yes, some recipes require toasters, blenders, and kettles. Others, however, will be 100% cooking-free, so enjoy!
We've classified the dishes into five groups, so you can quickly find the recipe you need. However, you won't find the exact quantity of ingredients in all recipes. This way, we leave some room for you to find your perfect combo.  

A satisfying toast-based breakfast

If breakfast is your most important meal, a toast or two will help you keep this food intake filling and healthy. A morning toast is always satisfying, whether you like it sweet or salty.

#1 An avocado and tuna toast

Smash a peeled, ripe avocado in a bowl. Add one 5-ounce can of tuna packed in oil, but drain it. Squeeze 1 tablespoon of lemon juice into the mix, and add a pinch of salt and pepper. Mash with a fork until it's chunky and smooth. Toast two slices of your favorite bread and spread the jam on them. Your filling breakfast rich in protein is ready. 

#2 A smoked-salmon toast 

If you treat breakfast like the most important meal, you need to add this healthy meal to your mornings. Spread whipped cottage cheese over the toast and place smoked salmon slices on it. Decorate your sandwich with capers and dill, and see how the green color shades the pink fish. The texture and flavor of this toast will make you come back for more.

#3 An avocado toast with beans

You'll need to smash 1 avocado to make a creamy spread for this no-cook vegan breakfast. Rinse and drain 1 can of white beans, and toast two slices of whole-grain bread. Top the toast with avocado paste and beans and season it with kosher salt and ground pepper. If you need more "spice things," like red pepper, add it! 

#4 A banana and honey toast

Another easy, no-cook breakfast recipe is here! You'll need bananas, almond butter, and honey to make this sweet toast. So spread the butter over a piece of crispy toast and place banana chops on it. We offer to top it with honey and granola, but you can use chia seeds and maple syrup as an alternative. Also, try another fruit for this easy breakfast recipe.  

#5 An avocado toast with lemon

If you eat avocado toast for breakfast once, it can quickly become one of your go-to no-cook breakfast recipes. Some will even get the avocado obsession! This fruit boasts lots of vitamins and healthy fats, so you'll have enough energy until lunch. Cut the cooking time in half and just slice the avocado. Then put them on toast, squeeze a bit of lemon juice, and add salt and pepper. 

A quick breakfast with filling muesli

Muesli is a healthier alternative to sugar-rich breakfast cereals. It's an oat-based mix of dried fruits, seeds, and nuts that will supply your organism with fiber, nutrients, and protein for the entire day. 

#6 Homemade muesli with cold milk 

Muesli with milk is the perfect no-cook healthy breakfast for a workday. But instead of buying it at a store, try making muesli yourself. Make your own combination of raw oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruit mixes, and grated apples. Add coconut, almond, cow milk, juice, or water to get your favorite flavor. This meal can easily hold you until lunch because it’s packed with antioxidants, protein, and fiber.

#7 Homemade granola

If you prefer crispy muesli ingredients, it's time for homemade granola. The ones you buy are spiced and sweetened. They can contain various dried fruits, nuts, and oats. But you'll hardly find the perfect combination for your mornings! The cooking is easy: mix the dry ingredients, drizzle in the wet components, and mix. Bake for 15 minutes at 300°F, rotate the pan to 180°, and bake for another 15 minutes. 

#8 Muesli muffins 

The following two recipes will also require some cooking in advance, but that's definitely worth it. Mix 2 ¼ untoasted muesli and 1 ½ cups milk and leave it for 10 minutes. Then add 1 1/4 cups of self-raising flour, 1 egg, ¾ cup brown sugar, 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder, and 1 mashed banana, and stir thoroughly. Distribute the mixture between the 12 holes of the frying pan and bake for 20-25 minutes at 350°C. 

#9 Granola-based bars (soft and chewy)

Stir 1 cup peanut butter, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, ½ cup honey, and salt. Add ⅓ cup chocolate chips and 2 ½ cup whole rolled oats and keep mixing until fully incorporated. If you want to add pepitas or nuts, throw 3 tablespoons into the bowl. Then place the mass onto a baking pan covered with parchment paper and refrigerate for two hours. Cut the plate into 12 bars and store them in a fridge for up to seven days. 

#10 Overnight granola cups 

We love granola because it's crispy, so it seems logical to use overnight oats for this recipe. However, granola boasts an enjoyable chewiness compared to oats; that's why we take it for this no-cook breakfast tip. Put ½ cup of granola into a jar, and add ⅔ cup of almond milk and ⅓ cup of fresh berries. Use frozen blueberries when out of season. Try adding almond nuts, dried berries, or protein powder and leaving it in the fridge until morning. 

Refreshing smoothies for breakfast 

Smoothie is a speedy and nourishing breakfast that curbs hunger fast. It contains tons of vitamins and boasts an irresistible taste. So starting your day with this thick drink will boost your productivity.  

#11 Banana and berries smoothie recipe

In this smoothie, you can use fresh fruit or freeze it in advance. You'll need half a banana, 1 cup of berries, 1 cup of plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons of honey. Blueberries and strawberries will taste best, but feel free to add other berries. Now place all the ingredients in a blender, add ¼ cup of ice, and mix until it looks smooth. Hurry up to eat this healthy and delicious meal!

#12 Red smoothie with chia seeds and mint 

Place 1 cup of sliced strawberries, half a cup of raspberries, ½ cup of grated beet, and 1⁄3 cup of mint leaves into the fridge for the night. In the morning, you'll only need to place the frozen components into a blender, pour 1 cup of almond milk, throw in chia seeds, and blend until smooth. No worries about the beets; you won't notice the taste but will enjoy the color!

#13 Green spinach and avocado smoothie 

For this recipe, you'll need ¼ avocado, 1 cup of fresh spinach, a frozen banana, 1 teaspoon of honey, and one cup of Greek yogurt. Place all the ingredients into a blender, add 2 tablespoons of water, and puree until smooth. Pour this bright and protein-rich drink into a glass and enjoy your breakfast. 

#14 Vitamin C citrus smoothie 

The vitamin C boosters in this recipe are oranges and mangoes, so take half of each fruit. Frozen or fresh bananas will make the drink's texture creamy, and you'll need to chop half of it. If you like to add some spice to your drink, add some ginger. Place these ingredients in your blender and add ½ cup coconut or almond milk and ¼ cup lemon juice. Blend until smooth, and boost your day with this immune-stimulating snack. 

#15 Protein-rich and creamy chocolate smoothie 

Mix ¾ cup of almond milk, 2 tablespoons of almond butter, 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, and 2-3 tablespoons of sugar substitute (best if keto-friendly) in a blender. Add 1 tablespoon chia seeds, ½ tablespoon vanilla extract, and ½ ice. Blend the ingredients until smooth, pour into a clear glass, and top it with chia seeds. 

Light and energizing breakfast salads 

Fruit or vegetable salads for breakfast improve digestion and promote weight loss. They won't make you feel sleepy and will cheer you up on a rainy morning. 

#16 Refreshing tomato-mint salad with sesame seeds 

This salad is healthy and easy to make, so if you have ripe tomatoes, try the recipe this morning! Chop the tomatoes and put them in a bowl. Then throw in mint leaves and sesame seeds and add some olive oil. Once you want to increase the nutritional value and bring in some salty taste, add cottage cheese and chopped olives. If you don't like mint, use basil instead. 

#17 Salad with chickpea, feta, and avocado

Chop two or three tomatoes and some red pepper and place them in the salad bowl. Add rinsed and drained canned chickpeas. Top it with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Garnish your dish with sesame seeds and basil. You'll love the beautiful look and delicious taste of this fantastic salad!

#18 Fruit salad with honey-citrus dressing

You may think that a fruit salad doesn't need a recipe, and that's true. But this meal has a critical ingredient — dressing. Mix strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Then combine the sliced apples with the orange and mango pieces. In a separate bowl, mix some liquid honey, add orange juice and lemon zest, and dress your salad.  

#19 Grapes and kiwi fruit salad

Take a bunch of seedless grapes, pick the fruits, and halve them. Add kiwi, peach, and banana slices. Mix all the ingredients in a glass bowl and enjoy this easy-to-cook and beautiful dish for your breakfast. If you want to add a creamy taste to your meal, try this dressing. Mix honey, lime juice, coconut, and vanilla yogurt, and top up your salad. 

#20 Caprese salad

Summer brings us lots of tastes, so why not add some Italian flavor to your morning? Take one big, juicy tomato or 2-3 smaller ones and a mozzarella ball. Slice them into thick rings and arrange them on a plate so that the tomatoes alternate with the cheese. Put basil leaves on top or between the layers, or add pesto sauce. Sprinkle some sea salt and black pepper and drizzle some olive oil. 

Yogurt-powered mornings

Yogurt contains calcium, vitamins, protein, and sometimes probiotics. This creamy product strengthens our immune system and benefits our hearts and vessels. However, check for lactose intolerance or a milk allergy before consuming yogurt regularly.  

#21 Chia pudding 

For this recipe, you'll need to mix ¼ cup of chia seeds, 1 cup of almond milk, 1 teaspoon of vanilla flavor, and a pinch of salt. Put this substance in the fridge for the night. In the morning, take the bowl out and add toppings of your choice to the thick chia pudding base. Try maple syrup, fresh fruit, or jam for this satisfying breakfast.

#22 A yogurt pudding

Place 6 gelatin sheets into cold water and leave for 10 minutes. Drain and squeeze the sheets before adding them to the hot milk, minimize the flame, and stir until they completely melt. Let the mixture cool down a little. Then put the 2 ½ cups yogurt, ½ cup milk with gelatin, and ⅓ cup powdered brown sugar into a bowl. Stir and divide the mixture into 1-portion glasses and refrigerate for at least 3 hours. Use your favorite toppings (jelly, berries, nuts, etc.) to make yogurt pudding. 

#23 Jelly and peanut butter yogurt bowl

When it comes to preparing bowls, low-calorie yogurt without sweeteners will be the best choice. Take ¾ cup of creamy yogurt, add a tablespoon of peanut butter, and several chopped peanuts. Add some pomegranate, orange, blackberry, or whichever jelly you like. Maple syrup and honey are also great toppings for this recipe. 

#24 Yogurt parfait

Use a Mason jar to prepare this yogurt parfait. For this recipe, you can use Greek yogurt and homemade granola. The honey you add to granola, dried berries, and other fruits will balance the subtle acid taste of the yogurt. It's okay to use fresh berries or frozen ones. You can also add banana, mango, and peach pieces. Start with the fruit layer, then put some granola on top, and cover it with yogurt. Repeat until the jar is full, and top it with granola, honey, jam, or chopped nuts. 

#25 Yogurt dipper with honey and cinnamon

This dipper will ideally match celery and carrot sticks. Also, you can dip apple wedges in it or spread the substance over rice crackers. Take ½ cup of Greek yogurt, add one tablespoon of honey, some cinnamon powder, and 1 tsp of nut butter (the almond will taste perfect). Now your go-to snack is ready!

Live a healthier life with Eleviate

When your schedule is tight, and you don't have time to cook breakfast, adding milk to cocoa puffs can seem like the only alternative. However, you'll find plenty of healthy, filling, and no-nook options rich in vitamins and nutrients. Try satisfying toasts, refreshing smoothies, filling muesli, delicious yogurts, and mood-improving salads. 

Still, an easy, no-cook breakfast won't only free up 15-30 minutes for other activities in your morning routine. These will be your first steps toward a healthier and better life. The Eleviate app can help you make the well-being journey more organized and streamlined. It'll optimize your eating patterns, schedule weight-loss efforts, and improve mental health. 

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